Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting Back to Normal (heeheehee)

Here we go.... I know I have completely fallen off the saddle with this blog. URG. One more thing to be irritated at myself for I suppose. Nonetheless, all can be repaired. So, it''s time to blow the dust off this thing and get it back to fully functional. I promise to give it my best. 

So, here we are... getting settled in Omaha. For those that do not know, we moved out here to help out family while setting new roots. My father in law recently passed away, so now, my honey is struggling with grief, the needs of this family and the needs of his newly widowed mother. Poor guy.

My patience is fading, I won't lie. But, like all things.... I am fully prepared to tuck and roll. 

I am still attempted to shave some serious inch-age off of my ass... yeah, we're not making great progress, but I am at least trying. It's kinda hard to diet when people people associate the loss of a loved one with stuffing your house with fatty comfort foods and covering your counters with absolutely sinful baked goods. ;) Bless them

But, we've made a lot of other progress. I am totally growing up. Which scares me. I am beginning to succumb to the obligations of adulthood. I actually have been doing housework because I need to, no inner pep talk required. My grades are going up and I am not completely resentful for having to log into class.  

My son...6 years old and going on 30, even notices. How organized things have become lately, and how relaxed I have been... That is really kind of cool. 

Speaking of the kiddo... MUST SHARE this Easter mishap...

So the mother in law asks up to attend Easter services with her. Uh, okay. My son and I are Jewish, so this is a little foreign for us (He's NEVER been to an Easter anything before, and it's been so long for me...it felt like the first time - much like my sex life LOL).

So there we are... Jews in pews... listening to the story of the resurrection of Jesus. My mother in law and my husband go to take communion, and my 6 year old leans over Doniven:"psssssssssst, mom..... psssssssssssssst...." me: yes Doniven? Doniven: Mom.... the only time people are dead and then alive again is when they are zombies. Is that what these people are talking about?? Me: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahah! Me: We'll talk about it later. 

I know, I should probably promote more far more respect about subjects as personal as religion, but I really don't think anything anything is sacred. Not only that, but life is too short to be effing stuffy... and above all, this came from the mouth of a 6 year old. This is just funny! 

So, my next venture is truly embracing my inner domestic goddess...and to do that I need to begin with ruling my kitchen... I am learning how to cook!! I mean, I can hold my own in preparing the family meal, but is is different... I mean REALLY cook, bake and prepare. If anything catches fire, I will be sure to post photos.

I'll be positing photos soon.. just waiting to get Doniven's new school photos. 

- Danni