Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Since Our Last Chat...

Okay, okay, I totally said I would commit myself to a nightly 30 mins of alone time to fully love and utilize this little piece of personal space... But, I can't fully recall my last 30 mins of alone time, enough said. So, To fill you in on what has gone on in the past few weeks;

I LOST 15 POUNDS!  Yep, 3 weeks of pushing hard, exercising and completely changing like 90% of what I consume is totally paying off. 15 pounds! (give or take a few ounces... assuming the 3 ft. creature lets be poo in peace that day.... urg! I know its a bit much to share, but other with wee ones will totally get it.) Now, this accomplishment was not made without some seriously comedic relief. Allow me to share... you're bound to shed a few pounds at my expense, and I fully encourage it. :)

See What Had Happened Was....  This whole "I need to only have one ass"... project began once we received our wedding photos. I had NO clue what a lard-ass I have become. I mean seriously, there is no excuse for FREAKING back fat in a wedding gown!!!!!!!! Ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! So, it was time to kick it in full gear. Since Mike went back to Nebraska with his 'rents, no better time to try something new and potentially humiliating than while he is away, right!? so it began, weeeeeeeee!

New Exercise Techniques = Not For Pansies We got a KINECT as our family gift for Chanumas this year, and I decided (in all of my wisdom and glory) that this was not only a toy, but this could be a hardcore fitness tool! So, I invested in Zumba for the kinect, Dance Central 3 and Kinect Your Shape. The your shape is my new favorite, it tracks the times you've spent "playing", the calories you've burnt and your goals and progress. However, parts of it are evil. You don't realize that it's evil because you are "playing" and you get caught up in the activity and catchy music and bright colors, and it seems harmless... until the next morning when you are waddling around like a constipated penguin and your organs are even sore. Now, the scary part of all of this is that you cannot have a queasy stomach while attempting this either... because while working out, you get to see your likeness and how all of it wiggles and jiggles on the screen while you are completing the activities. That gets downright frightening. I am already a fatass... I don't need to see how violently all my wiggly bits move.. let alone plastered all over a ginormous plasma tv! That just isn't fair! (yes, i totally stomped my foot while typing this)

Supportive Friends, Please Note: I have the privilege of having the most supportive, motivating and encouraging friends. And 90% of the time they get it. Totally. But every once in a while... Example: Last week (got to buy new jeans, Woot!), My girlfriend sees me for the first time since it all started and says "wow, you look great! You really are having success here! You can really see it in your face."  This is where my heart sinks a little bit. I thought I was doing so well... Now, I am just wondering how FREAKIN' huge my HEAD must be... urg! But, it was pretty funny.

For The Record - Soy Cheese Is The DEVIL! I was following all the rules, eliminated all the dairy from my diet, only whole grains, 10-16 glasses of water a day, a minimum of 30 mins of activity every morning and evening. I needed pizza by week two...NEEDED it, so I tried to make it happen following all the rules. whole wheat crust, organic tomato sauce with no sugars, tons of freshly slices veggies. Since, I was supposed to have no dairy... I picked up some soy cheese. IT DOESN'T MELT. Which tells me that it is plastic, or poison, but either way - it is not permitted to call itself cheese. That is completely false advertizing. I had my hopes all inflated, expected a delicious way to cheat the system, but alas, EPIC FAIL. After I was done scraping my tongue and washing away as much of the after taste as possible - Sadly, it was back to salads for me. 

The FUN of the Move Continues: Oh yeah, it just keeps getting better. Box stacks are getting taller, Our pantry becoming increasingly more bare (i refuse to buy a ton of groceries that we can't take with us...), and the deadline fast approaching. It was getting so crazy that even Doniven and the Dog were exhausted! 

However, we are finding ways to cope. Our new favorite escape from reality has been Sweet Frogs... a frozen yogurt bar that presents itself in a colorful, perky, happy display of low fat yumminess.... oh, its beautiful!

Oh the decisions! It really is THE. BEST. EVER. We are going to have to sacrifice it when we leave for Nebraska, and it will be sorely missed.

Off To The Farm For those of you that don't know, our dog Max had to find a new home while we prepare for the move. G-d Bless the sheltie rescue for taking such good care of him. He is now being housed by a woman who lives for shelties, owns her own farm and Max gets to chase all the sheep and geese his little heart desires. That whole process could have totally ended badly.

Boys is SPESHUL... There are moments where I feel like I am raising both the Kiddo and my loving husband. Let me expand on this... The kiddo had a play date here this week, and the kids did some coloring... Doniven draws a picture of a woman and gifts it to me saying; "Mommy, I drew a picture of you... only a little bit prettier." Yeah, thanks kid. This is also the same kid who tried to scare the dog awake with his morning breath... I believe he may need a helmet. My husband is wonderful, patient, kind, devoted, hardworking, and the most unromantic being on earth... we did JUST get married, I suppose I have time to train him. I like to think there is hope... Any suggestions? 

I have to run for now... shower time is over for the kiddo, which means it is time for stories, cuddles, and well.. kitten herding. I cant wait to find the time to share more on this journey. It really does stay pretty flipping entertaining around here.

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