Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picking Battles & Spending Time

I have decided that I am going to do my best to devote *30 mins* of down time in the evenings for this blog thing in an effort to secure and maintain what sanity I am clinging to. I hope it helps :) I'm sure we'll know soon enough. Tonight was kinda funny though. I have a project due for school tonight (that is totally not happening until tomorrow). I spent my time in much better places and accomplishing way cooler things... totally worth the 10% hit off my grade that I'll face tomorrow. Here is why...

Boo (the pet name for our wee one Doniven) got of the bus this afternoon and rather pissed too. Turns out in his class each child has a color card that resembles a stop light. If your good your name stays on Green, if there is a minor infraction you move to yellow... you don't ride the short bus, so I am totally sure you get the point... Boo had to move to the yellow today...heaven help us, the end is nigh! 

Boo thought it was the end of the world. These fears and pressured feeling are so real to a little guy. And...well... as every good buddy knows, ya don't kick a man when he's down! Well damn it...that's my buddy and that wasn't gonna happen. So, instead of discussing the importance of following rules, telling him I was disappointed or any other generic parenting crap I could have pulled from a Dr. Spock book, we skipped homework (for the time being), threw his crap in the front door and turned around and went for a walk. I just listened. If you just listen, my G-d kids say some incredibly profound things. You also find out how they really feel, ie. Boo referring to his teacher as 'the cranky old goat'... yep, I am officially the parent of that child. Incredibly bright, with no chance of ever developing a filter. It was the coolest ever though. 45 minutes of insight into the world of the Kindergartener. I gotta tell you, I have a very communicative child, with a fairly well rounded vocabulary for his age... so after hearing him tell it, and really just listening... I have a new found appreciation for that stage of my life being over. Thank you Boo. <3

 Ps. I think the walk and venting did him some good... getting homework done was a breeze, and it wore him out a bit earlier than usual too, WOOT!

The other part of my day that was super awesome, what meeting with two of the more sincere and kindest people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The photographers for our wedding so that I could pick up our images and say "hi!" I cannot believe that during the process our families (or at least mine) didn't have these kind souls running and screaming in the opposite direction. And since the honey is gone for now and I miss him, it was cool to see some pictures of us together. I know, its a crazy sappy thing to say... but we did just  get married, so I guess that is completely acceptable.

Awwwww! It's us! And we still look like we like each other in this picture! (totally kidding I promise. But, if anyone knows of any fellas thinking about tying the knot, jumping the broom or other ridiculous euphemism for getting married, please note; marrying a chick and then moving a week later and leaving her to pack your $#!+... totally not cool.) He's lucky he married a chick that knows how to tuck and roll. Love you honey!

These events all seem to be valid reasons why homework did not take precedence tonight. I'm cool with it.  Eh, its an assignment I don't completely agree with anyway. My little man and new found friends totally win.

Oh, before I forget! Here is where I get to shamelessly plug our photographer buddies:
Treat them kindly (they deserve nothing less), pay them well (whatever you pay them, they are easily worth twice that), trust them implicitly (you'll be glad that you did), then enjoy the finished product!
                                                                We <3 these two!

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