Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buddies, Boxes, and Tape... oh my!

My dear husband has already made the trip back to Nebraska where he is from. He found a new job that will be a huge improvement for us all around. It pays better, near family, not an awful commute..yadda yadda... all good things.  So this leaves me and the 6 year old and our friends (I consider them family) to make some magic happen! Here is what we have so far...

All of the pictures and other breakables that need packing

We sold the sectional, since it won't fit in the new apartment... yes, we are down to an air mattress and a TV. Doniven thinks this is camping LOL! If you ask me, add pizza and beer and its a college dorm ;)

That used to be the toy room. Now it is housing all things packed. My thinking here was that if we packed everything and got in in one area down stairs, than when moving say approaches, schlepping into the moving truck will be easier.  Yes. We did this all in like no time, our friends are superheroes. 

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  1. This is Wonderful!!!! As my daughter makes this ride through another bumpy road of "Oh, yes...this is life, Isn't it?" kinda crap. She does it with the brightened flair I have seen all her life. Good going babe, you've always made me PROUD!!
    Love you,
    Ps: Sorry I'm not there, the distance thing hurts every day....