Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Preface

Alrighty... I am totally new to this whole "blogger' idea, but it was explained to me as an online journal of sorts and that sharing/confessing/venting,etc. can be quite cathartic. Eh, nothing to loose. I'll give it a shot. In a valiant attempt to keep things simple, I am providing some basic information that may also act as a disclaimer...
1. I am 26 and probably a little retarded. I don't pretend to know everything, actually, the longer I am a parent the more I am coming to believe that I really don't know a damn thing.
2. I'm fat... I make fun of the fact that I am fat because I can. first of all, I have come to terms with this fact and second, I am actively trying to change this. Third and Finally, Duh!!! being a fat ass and trying to remedy this can lead to events that are down right comical. So enjoy.
3. I am a mom, the hardest job I will ever have the honor of. Now, my little man is exceptional...I know all parents think that. But, it can be quite the adventure when you are dealing with a 6 year old that is not only extremely bright, dripping with his mother's sense of humor and sarcasm and bipolar. Yep. With this one, you never quite know what you're going to get.
4. I am recently married. There are plenty of punchlines that could be entered here, I'm sure many of the candid moments will be shared along the way of experimenting with this blog thing... He's my rock, an excellent father and provider. But, there are days where the man is as simple as cheese and crackers... oy!
5. I am an over-opinionated, seething in sarcasm, borderline obnoxious, totally have ADD (look something shiny....), and a totally American spoiled brat.  I get it, accept it and own in. Now you know.

6. Finally, I believe the best way to cope with anything life has to offer is to share it.... pain shared is pain divided, joy shared is joy multiplied (the cheese and crackers taught me that <3 ) So, I thought I'd give this a try. I know it'll help me cope with a LOT of stress, and hopefully offer some who may not be feeling 100% a few good laughs. Around here, life is better than freaking cable.

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  1. You go lady! I'll keep you motivated if you motivate me too! Love ya!!